Inkstone Archives

The following links will take you back in time to when Prairie Margins was called Inkstone, but was still an undergraduate literary magazine of BGSU. If you have a copy of Inkstone that is not listed below, please contact us at (or leave a comment below), and we would love to see or scan your copy of the magazine to add to our archives!



Inkstone: 1963
Inkstone Spring 1963 Cover 2
Inkstone Spring 1963 Magazine

Inkstone: 1964
Inkstone Spring 1964 Cover
Inkstone Spring 1964 Magazine

Inkstone: 1965
Inkstone Spring 1965 Cover
Inkstone Spring 1965 Magazine

Inkstone: 1966
Inkstone Spring 1966 Cover
Inkstone Spring 1966 Magazine

Inkstone: 1967
Inkstone Spring 1967 Cover
Inkstone Spring 1967 Magazine

Inkstone: 1968
Inkstone Spring 1968 Cover
Inkstone Spring 1968 Magazine

Inkstone: 1969
Inkstone Spring 1969 Cover
Inkstone Spring 1969 Magazine

Inkstone: 1970
Inkstone 1970 Cover 2
Inkstone 1970 Magazine


2 Responses to Archives

  1. artemis0again says:

    Are there more recent archives? I was told I had a piece accepted a couple years ago but never heard back about getting a contributor copy/what issue it was in/etc. Thanks!

    • wesleynight says:

      For now, the archives consist of the Inkstone magazines from years past, but there is an ongoing effort to get all of the Prairie Margins magazines up there as well.

      If you have questions about past issues, contributor’s copies, or what magazine you were published in, send an email to and we will look into it and get back to you soon.

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