Better Late than Never — The 2014 e-book is here!

There were some delays in releasing the 2014 e-book, but we’re proud to say that it has arrived! Hop over to our E-book page to download the two most recent issues of Prairie Margins!

The process of converting a book into an e-book can be long and tedious, but when everything comes together, it makes for an awesome addition to any e-reader device. Normally our distribution of Prairie Margins would be limited to print copies–and we have limited budget. E-books allow us to spread the work of our wonderful authors far and wide.

With a literary journal like Prairie Margins, each book is different. When we get formatted poetry and unusual works, it can make conversion to e-book a bit difficult. But between our tech editor and his best friend Google, it usually ends up alright.

We’re proud to bring our 2014 issue of Prairie Margins to your e-reader devices! If you have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to leave us a comment. We’re always looking for ways to bring a better magazine into the world.

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