Get Involved

Are you interested in becoming a part of Prairie Margins? Are you an undergraduate student at Bowling Green State University?

This section details some information on what you need to do in order to get involved with BGSU’s undergraduate literary magazine.

Where do you go?

You don’t have to fill out any fancy paperwork or go through any interviews. All you have to do to see if Prairie Margins is for you is come to one of our meetings! We meet every Monday at 6:30 PM in East Hall 115.

What would you be doing?

We do everything from planning events to reading submissions, but most of our time is definitely spent reading submissions from undergraduate authors. We read and discuss every single submission that comes through our submission portal and your opinion matters as much as anyone’s.

I’m a writer, can I join and submit?

Sadly no, that would be a conflict of interest. If you wish to join the staff, you cannot submit to the magazine. If you have already submitted but decide you would rather be a part of the editing crew, you have the option of withdrawing your submission and joining up! Ultimately it’s up to you.

Do I have to be a Creative Writing major to join?

Nope. We accept all majors onto the staff of Prairie Margins.

Have any other questions?

Feel free to e-mail our Editor-in-Chief Ally Butler ( if you want to know some more information about getting involved with BGSU’s undergraduate literary magazine!