The school year is back in full swing, which means our lovely editing staff is back and ready for more! Submissions are now open until May. Give us your best shot!

Prairie Margins accepts works of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art from any undergraduate across the country. Specific guidelines for each genre can be found below.

Please include your university program and year in the cover letter. Prairie Margins only accepts submissions from current undergraduate students.

Fiction: We consider works of 6,000 words or less that show an in-depth knowledge of craft, as well as works that may tread more experimental ground.

Poetry: No more than six poems.

Creative Nonfiction: Less than 6,000 words.

Art: Please submit as a TIFF file with a minimum resolution of 300 ppi.

Send submissions to

Questions? Email

Thank you for submitting!


3 Responses to Submissions

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  2. Sam Nichols says:

    What are typical response times for submissions?

    • wesleynight says:

      Depends on the work, really. We editors will fight tooth an nail over pieces we love, sometimes all the way up until the publishing deadline. This means that if you submit in the Fall, you may not get a response until late Spring. On the other hand, if it’s something we don’t feel is for us, we try to let you know so that you can send it out again. You are always more than welcome to send us an inquiry e-mail to see if we have made a decision on your piece though.

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