2012 Issue in Our Hands!

The new 2012 issue of Prairie Margins is hot off the press. This is the 49th issue. It will be released to the public (for free, of course) on Friday, November 16 at the launch party brilliantly titled Unheard Ink: Speakeasy and Carry a Big Pen. This is the Friday of the Winter Wheat Festival of Writing and it will begin at 9pm.


About Andrew Spiess

Andrew Spiess's work has appeared in Lingerpost, Permafrost, Prairie Margins, The Miscreant, Gravel, The Hamilton Stone Review, Punch Drunk Press, and Birds Piled Loosely. He received a Louise C. Cooper Book Award from Bowling Green State University, where he studied, and a poem of his has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He works and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Follow him on Twitter: @andrewspiesss.
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